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“We are a boutique brand developer, directing the design, manufacturing, and sales of our tailored beauty lines. Each brand is designed to both appeal to its target demo while lending itself to DTC online and retail channels.”

Sarah Van Boerum  President, Market Group, Intl. 

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Smooth Sailing

Our process allows us to develop new products quickly, with minimal delay to market.

Multi-channel Integration

Each product is available for sale online, through retail, or through your unique distribution model.

Easy Distributor Experience

Wholesale purchasing and distribution is designed to be simple using a standard e-commerce model to allow for simple reorders and account maintenance.

 “Keep an eye out for the launch of CPRITE on Amazon! We are excited to introduce our first coutre beauty line for women!”


“We enjoy developing products for women that are designed around their specific needs. We use everything we sell so that we are as invested as our customers in each beauty decision.”

Online Direct to Consumer

We know you don’t want to pay retail premiums for premium products. That’s why each of our products are available for online purchase by consumers or key wholesale partners.

High Quality

The ingredients for each of our beauty lines are sourced responsibly in the USA, not tested on animals, and pesticide free.

Video Tutorials

Soon each product will feature an introduction video, describing the product and the best way to apply safely.

Loaded With Goodies

Every customer beauty experience should be a welcome surprise.

Get ready to stand out